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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Recipe: Christmas Cookies

This post is all about how to make these cute little Christmas cookies, which I was inspired by Pinterest to make.
Before you start, you need to dress festive:

My little brother for you!

The recipe is from Little Cook's Big Cookery Book, but you can make any gingerbread recipe you wish!

Add all the dry ingredients to the bowl and then add the butter.

Then proceed to make breadcrumbs.

Beat the egg in the a mug.

Warm a tablespoon so the golden syrup doesn't stick,

then add the two to the mixture.

Mix until you have a dough shape.

Add to a floured surface and begin to roll.

It's then time to cut the shapes, I used circles.

Then add to two greased baking trays.

Whilst they're cooking and cooling reward yourself with a little drink!

Then it's time to decorate.

This is where you should separate the red smarties, however THERE WERE NONE IN MY TUBE! I then had to resort to tootie fruties.

Mix some icing together, and decorate!

Will you be festive baking?

Laura xoxo

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  1. My fav is the reindeer cookies!! The melting snowman is quite creative too. o_o My friend just bought be a set of Christmas cookie cutters for my birthday so I'm really excited to use them now! :) Thanks for sharing, and happy holidays to you. Xo


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