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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

FOTD: The 4 Product Face

Sleep has completely and totally won out over make-up! I just really can't be bothered in the morning and make-up just isn't my priority anymore (skincare on the other hand...) 
Therefore I now present to you, the four product face!

So, what am I wearing I hear you ask? For base, I take my Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch under my eyes and taking it quite down my face in a V shape. I then have to fill in my brows, although their quite full I have to fill in the fronts where the sparseness is, an for that I use an Avon Glimmestick. Mascara I used here is the Origins GinZing and depending on how dry my lips are I either use some sort of lip product (here is No7 BB Lips) or other days I use a light dusting of powder.

I also have to say, my skin clearing up, thanks to the products in yesterday's post, has made a big contribution to this minimal make-up.

What's the minimum products you use?

Laura xoxo

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  1. So clear! Your eyebrows are looking good, by the way x


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