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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Throwback Thursday: Rimmel Appocalips

You've got to love a good blogger hype right? These Appocalips took the beauty world by storm when they were released and I definitely got swept up in the excitement of them all.

A liquid lipstick that you have to be careful not to get on your teeth, but that leave a lasting colour and glossy shine on your lips, are something that astounded many, and I for one wore them quite a lot. Especially Celestial.

Luna is a colour I had such high hopes for, but I find it leans a bit too orange to be completely flattering on me.

For a long time Celestial was my go to everyday colour. A gorgeous pink that is the most natural out of the shades available.

For a bright lip I got Stellar. I love this colour for a nice bright coral lip. I tend to wear this a lot in my videos, in case you were wondering!

What do you think of the Appocalips?

Laura xoxo


  1. They all look so good on you! I actually never got round to trying the Appocalips, would you recommend giving them a go? lovely blog by the way!xxx

  2. I only got Galaxy and I really liked it but I can't say I ever really wear it!

    Annie |

  3. I love them, I have the Luna and love it, but yeh I too get the problem of it of my teeth it's very smudgy! xx

  4. I love these! I usually blot them down because the glossy finish isn't for me during the day! I find they last better blotted too :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  5. I remember texting you about luna, as soon as you said you didn't like it I knew why!

  6. Yay Stellar! Still so touched you bought it for me. LUV U! xxxx


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