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Sunday, 3 March 2013

What I Wore this Week

This week has been a mixture of catching up with friends, uni work, and I even started some work experience at a Social Media company which was a lot of fun, and I think I'm really going to enjoy it there. I also wore my Asda Cardigan and Boots, which I blogged about Friday, a lot this week. My mom literally washed my cardigan Friday and it was back on yesterday. SO COMFY.

Monday: Dress: Topshop // Boots & Cardigan: George at Asda

Tuesday: Top: Cotton On // Skirt: Topshop // Boots & Cardigan: Asda

Wednesday: Cardigan & Skirt: Topshop // Top: New Look // Boots: Asda

Thursday: Top: New Look // Skirt: Topshop // Boots: Primark

Friday: Top: Topshop // Boots: Asda

Saturday: Top: Topshop // Jeans (GASP SHOCK HORROR): Dorothy Perkins // Shoes: Converse
               Dress: Topshop // Cardigan: Asda // Shoes: Primark

Hope you all have a lovely week :)

Laura xoxo


  1. Thursday's is my favourite :) x

  2. ^^ I agree its such a pretty formal outfit! x

  3. You looked very nice on Thursday, very professional :) but you looked fiiiiiiiiit on Tuesday too. And Wednesday. And Friday. And Monday...and Saturday! I LOVE YOU IN JEANS, wear them again!! xxxx

  4. I apologize for returning your comment back late! But yes, I think saving that moisturizer for a hot day is a good idea! I actually didn't think about that. But Sephora has a really good return policy, so I might just return it :/

    1. No problem. Hope you get it sorted :)


  5. Love Wednedays and Thursdays outfits! Congrats on the job, it sound very intriguing! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

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