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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Blogmas Coutdown: 9 Festive Traditions

Today I thought I'd share with you nine things I tend to do each Christmas.

1) Listen to Fairytale of New York on repeat... 'You're a bum, you're a punk...'

2) Eat a vast quantity of Mince Pies!

3) Watch Christmas films.

4) Buy lots of festive related objects.

5) Pick a Christmas tree with my daddy.

6) Watch my mommy decorate said tree.

7) Get festive from head to toe.

8) Light up the close.

9) Spend time with the family <3 (although we spend a lot of time together through the year, there's nothing quite like Christmas is there?

What are some of your festive traditions?

Laura xoxo

Most of these images came from my Instagram @callofbeautyb - if not, sources are linked :)


  1. The Holiday! Love that movie :)

  2. Gah, i bleeding hate that song and i hate that so many people say it's the best Christmas song ever, no offence to you personally.
    Jules x

    1. I've had it on repeat since the 1st of December :)


  3. Love this post, it's got me feeling all Christmassy. I love the Pogues, it definitely my favourite ever Christmas song! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  4. I Love your Christmas jumper :) and The Holiday! Xxxx


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