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Sunday, 4 November 2012

What I Wore this Week

Sorry this post is so late (if you even noticed?) I've spent the whole day, in my PJ's writing a presentation for my lecture on Wednesday. It's nearly done, I just need to go back over it tomorrow, so hopefully by lunch tomorrow it should be written and I just need to practice it. I really hate giving presentations, I get so nervous and anxious, I will definitely not be going into public speaking, at least not on a topic I feel clueless on.
Anyway, I doubt you really care, but I'm in a delirious rambly state. I do get worried that the real world and real work is going to be such a massive shock to me. Ah well, I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Monday: Scarf & Cardigna: H&M // Top: New Look // Shoes: Topshop

Wednesday: Top: Topshop // Boots: Primark
                 Scarf: George at Asda // Boots: New Look

Thursday: Scarf: H&M // Top & Shoes: Topshop // Jacket Miss Selfridge

Friday: Top: George at Asda // Top: H&M // Boots: Primark

I hope you all have a lovely week :)

Laura xoxo


  1. that H&M scarf looks super super cosy :)

    1. It is totes amaze ;)
      But seriously best winter buy so far!


  2. You've been wearing my favourite scarf again!!
    I love all your outfits :) xxxx

  3. I love that scarf! Good luck on your lecture, hope it all goes well! x

  4. You look so lovely Laura! I love that tartan scarf! xoxo, Laura

  5. Love your wednesday night and the tartan scarf! You look great!


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