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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

How I Wear a Red Lip

With Christmas (sorry for mentioning the C word in October, but hey ho!) rolling around, it is time to whack out the glittery eyeshadow, and rock the red lip. For me, this is kind of daunting. I usually can't make a red lip work for me, and I live in constant fear of re-application mistakes, so today I thought I would show you, how I've made it work for me.

First up I like to make sure my lips are smooth, so no colour clings onto the dry places, as that ain't the look I'm going for. I start my going over my lips with this Lush Lip Scrub, the applying some lip balm, Blistex.

I then fill in my lips with this Bourjois Lip Pencil.On top of that, I apply my Loreal Rouge Caresse lipstick in 401 Rebel Red, I prefer using these Rouge Caresse's or Lip Butters as they are more sheer, and less likely to go wrong.

How do you wear a red lip?

Laura xoxo


  1. You look lovely with red lip! :) you should wear it more often xxxx

  2. I always love the idea of wearing a red lip but my lips are out of proportionally big that I'm worried it'll just scare people away! Lol! You wear the red lip really well though! Especially love that Rebel Red shade :)


    1. Aw I'm sure you could never scare anyone away! I find its just practise in how to make things work for you :)


  3. The lip scrub at first sounds like a terrific idea. The colour on you looks so pretty, it's really glossy as well :)

  4. Hey I found you through the blog hop. Loving your posts :) xx

  5. I love this colour! Really suits you :)


  6. I love the Bubblegum lip scrub, it is amazing! :D

  7. Looks gorgeous on you! I prefer a more matte red lip but glossy/sheer suits you

  8. It really suits you! I adore red lipstick, I wear it pretty much every time I go out I do the same as you and use the lush lip scrub and some carmex before applying the lipstick.

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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