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Sunday, 9 September 2012

What I Wore this Week

Hey everyone, firstly, I'm really sorry that this post isn't done in the usual style, my laptop charger has broken, so I can't use my own laptop as it is dead as a dodo! Big sad face. So I'm having to make do with my brothers, which I feel I've done well, but he doesn't have any of my photo editing things, so this post has had to be a little different. Also, it is the reason why I'm a bit quiet on twitter, and if I don't have a post up this week, that is also the reason, so apologies in advance. But anyway, here is what I wore this week.

Monday: Top: Dorothy Perkins // Cardigan: George at Asda // Shoes:Topshop

Tuesday: Hoodie: River Island // Top: George at Asda // Joggers: New Look

Wednesday: Top: New Look // Skirt: George at Asda // Shoes: Zara

Thursday: Scarf H&M // Top & Skirt: George at Asda // Shoes: Zara

Friday: Cardigan: Primark // Sandals: George at Asda

Saturday: Top: George at Asda // Jeans (I know, I finally got a pair of Jeans.) Dorothy Perkins // Shoes: Miss Selfridge

Today, I'm wearing my jeans again, but I'm just about to go get my shorts and sit and try and catch the last few rays of sun.

Hope you all have a lovely week.

Laura xoxo


  1. in that last picture i thought it was a GIANT handbag on the floor! but it's a beanbag with a normal sized handbag on the top :)

    the tuesday outfit is so me, got to love hoodies and joggers (when your not leaving the house of course)

    1. Haha, that would be an amazing handbag haha!
      I know, I never leave the house in it, just post it all over the internet....


  2. I love your mint blouse :) and you looked FIT on Wednesday :D xxxx

  3. Ahh I love your wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday outfits! I'm in love with that skirt from Asda! xoxo, Laura

  4. Great choice on your every day outfit! Inspired much:-)


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