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Sunday, 2 September 2012

What I Wore this Week

Hi everyone, I hope you've all had a lovely week. I can't believe we are now into September, and whilst that is a scary prospect, I love A/W clothing, its my favourite season to dress for!

Monday: Jumper & Scarf : Dorothy Perkins // Shoes: River Island
On Monday I ended up going to the Cinema to see Ted, which I thought was ok, but not completely my humour. This was just my simple comfy outfit for it. Although it rained, it was still August so I wore my sandals.

Tuesday: Jumper: George at Asda
I ended up just spending a lazy day at my friends on Tuesday so just another comfy outfit here.

Wednesday: Jumper: Republic // Boots: Primark
It was library day on Wednesday instead of Friday this week, and this was my chosen attire, it felt so wintery, but the weather was vile. It chucked it down the whole drive, not impressed.

Thursday: Top: Abercrombie and Fitch // Vest: George at Asda // Joggers: New Look // Socks: Unkown
Another lazy day on Thursday, my two best friends came round, and we literally did nothing, so blissful.

Friday: Jumper: Topshop // Shoes: River Island
On Friday I ended up going for Lunch with my two best friends, and then we went out on the night. I haven't got any pictures of my evening outfit as I was having a bleugh I look awful night ha! So no pictures of what I wore.

Saturday: I stayed in my pj's, I even drove home in them and got back into bed. Yes I was feeling very sorry for myself.

Sunday: Today's outfit will probably look like Thursdays as I have no real plans except babysitting later.

Hope you all have a lovely week, and good look if you're going back to school/work this week!

Laura xoxo


  1. Love all your outfits last week! :) They look comfortable but also put together and fashionable. I really love the jumpers for Wednesday and Friday especially. It is hard to believe we're already in September - this year has totally flown by :S

    1. Thank you :)
      I loove jumpers :)
      I know, it will be Christmas before we know it :/


  2. I love your Wednesday outfit! :)

  3. Great outfits, I really like how you styled your hair on monday!
    - Keyta x

  4. I agree, Autumn is my favourite season to dress for too, love the scarf you're wearing on Monday!


  5. Loving the top in your friday picture! :)

  6. I love Monday and Friday :) hope you're feeling better now ;)
    I also like autumn / winter fashion best! So many more options :) xxxx

    1. Thank you :) Yes I am fortunately!
      Indeed there is :)



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