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Sunday, 19 August 2012

What I Wore this Week

This week has been a good one as it was spent on holiday with my lovely family. I feel really lucky that I get on so well with my family, and it was a lovely week. I am writing this on Saturday, as I've just got back, and am now off to go on a night out, as it is the only night me and my two best friends are all at home at the same time, how sucky! So I'm taking one for the team and going straight out. I'll probably post my outfit and FOTN in another post, 'cause I like doing that, and I'll add my Sunday outfit to next week, just in case you care ha!


Sunday: Shirt: Dad's // Top & Shorts: George at Asda // Flip Flops: Ripcurl
Sunday was spent settling in, a touch of shopping, and a walk around the town. We finished off with a nice meal out at the local Beefeater. If you can get to a Beefeater, go, it is delicious.

Monday: Top: Topshop // Socks: New Look (I put my New Look Boots on to go out!)
We spent the day at Paignton Zoo on Monday which was soo good. I love a good Zoo so it was great. In the evening we ended up going out for another yummy meal, and walked back along the harbor, which was b-e-a-utiful.

Tuesday: No outfits for Tuesday as we spent the morning swimming and the afternoon sitting on the Balcony (ooo-eerr) tanning as the weather was really good! In the evening we just had a nice little meal in and then I made them all watch Tangled, love that film!

Wednesday: Top: George at Asda // Cardigan & Boots: New Look
Wednesday saw us trek of to the Eden project, which was alright, but nothing special in my opinion. In the evening we were rather knackered so ended up staying in and ordering a pizza whilst Cheaper by the Dozen Two was on the tele.

Thursday: Top: Warehouse // Shorts: George at Asda // Flip Flops: Ralph Lauren
On Thursday my dad, brother and I played tennis in the morning then went for a little stroll around the town which was nice, but a lot of walking in a very hilly place, so spent the afternoon just chilling really. There was Wifi in our apartment, so I just caught up on Youtube and TV ha! In the evening we went out for another Beefeater as it is soo good, and one of the few places you can book a table which is essential here as places fill up quickly with hours waiting time.

Friday: Top & Skirt: George at Asda // Shirt: Dad's // Scarf: New Look // Sandals: Miss Selfridge
The last day of holiday was spent packing, shopping and tanning. It rained in the morning so we made the most of packing and went for a stroll into the town, had a Costa and got a Subway for lunch. Then when we got back the sun shone so I sat on the balcony trying to tan. The evening ended in a meal and stroll, the perfect end to a perfect holiday.

Saturday: Top: New Look // Hoodie: Gift // Sandals: Miss Selfridge
We came home, I've written this and now I'm dashing out to get ready at a friends!

Sunday: Dress: George at Asda // Cardigan: New Look // Sandals: Miss Selfridge

Monday: Top & Skirt: George at Asda // Sandals: River Island

Thursday: Top: Glassons (NZ) // Shoes: Topshop

Friday: Top: Dorothy Perkins // Skirt: George at Asda // Sandals Miss Selfridge

A few holiday snaps:

Hope you all have had a lovely week, and this hasn't been too boring for you.

Have a great week :)

Laura xoxo


  1. I love Wednesday's outfit, hope you had a great holiday x

  2. Aw what lovely photographs glad you had such a nice holiday!


  3. I looove your sunday outfit! I'm glad you had a lovely holiday with your family Laura! :)

    xoxo, Laura

  4. I love the way you mix n match your outfits..hope you have had a great family time!!

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  5. Love Wednesday's outfit :) x

  6. Sunday and Friday day and nights are my favourites :) how gorgeous do you look with your hair up?!! :) and glasses envy as per usual!
    Love paignton zoo! Lovely family photos :)

    1. Thank you :) aww thanks, I gotta admit, I'm kind of liking it like that!!
      Haha, I do lurrrve my glasses.
      Zoo's and family, can it get much better?
      Thank you :)


  7. I love Fridays Evening look... such a gorgeous colour

  8. Looks like you had an amazing time! lucky girl.


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