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Sunday, 5 August 2012

What I Wore this Week

Hello, hope you've all had lovely weeks! Here is my usual What I Wore:

Monday: Umm, it appears Monday is don't get dressed and work on your essay day. Well, not anymore, my essay is doneeee! Yahoo! But yeah, no outfit for Monday, as I literally stayed in my pj's all day, and the internet does not need to see that, trust me!

Tuesday: Day: Jumper: Topshop // Boots: New Look
              Night: Cardigan, Boots + Top: New Look
In the day on Tuesday I took my brother to the park to meet my Nan and Grandad and little cousins, and it was such a good day. Apart from the weather making me feel like I was in Novemeber, I ended putting a waterproof and scarf on too, but it was actually quite warm in the end, just overcast! In the evening, always one for a routine, my friend & I went out for dinner again!

Wednesday: Hoodie: River Island /// Top and Shoes : New Look
On Wednesday I took my little brother and his friend to go and see the Lorax, which was ok, but the adverts made it seem funnier than it actually was in my opinion. But oh my, Zac Effrons voice (yum, he even sounds sexy!!!)

Thursday: Top: H&M Scarf and Shoes: New Look
I spent the day with my little sister and then went for a meal with my grandparents in the evening.

Friday: Cardigan: Ralph Lauren // Top and Shoes: New Look
Usual Library Friday!!!

Saturday: Top: George at Asda // Hoodie: Gift /// Flip Flops: Ralph Lauren
So I am actually writing this on Saturday as I'm off out tonight and then staying at a friends and going straight over to my step-mom's and co for Sunday dinner so won't be home till late. If I get a chance I'll put an edit at the end of what I wore tonight and tomo! But I now must dash as I'm meant to be leaving for a friends, and I'm not dressed and haven't packed :/

Hope you have a lovely week :)

Laura xoxo


  1. Cute outfits! I love what you wore on Tuesday, it really suits you!
    - Rhiannon

  2. Love the cardigan from Tuesday's night look :) x

    1. Thanks, I only got it last week but love it :)


  3. Look so cute and casual.
    I think ive commented on one of your earlier posts about your scarves
    LOVE it!


  4. I love your brown boots and floral scarf <3 you look really well put together in all of these outfits. I found you through Bloglove Therapy blog hop and am now following :) x

  5. You have an amazing figure! Love your style x

  6. I love your Ralph Lauren cardigan! You look lovely as always :) still want that scarf! xxxx

    1. It's a love of mine haha! Haha, get it then :) I wear it soo much :)


  7. I love the colour of Tuesday's jumper and cardigan! :) Been looking for a similar piece but haven't found the right shade. Thursday's scarf is gorgeous. Hurrah for finishing your essay!


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