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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

University Series - What's in my bag?

So results are now in, everything is finally falling into place and I'm sure a sense of 'Oh my God' I'm going to uni is setting in. So I thought I'd do a little series about University but link it to my blog, such as make-up, hair etc. in the hope that a more superficial take on things would make it slightly less daunting. And hey, maybe someone will find it useful.

I thought I'd start off this series with what I carry with me in my uni bag.

The bag and scarf are both from Primark and I think cost about £10 all together, and it has lasted me two years so far, I'm super impressed. I think you need a bag that's big enough to fit your books in and is easy to carry too!

Essential Items

These are what I'd class as essential items for me:

- A Notepad - with a pen in it, so you always have a pen handy!

- Pencil Case - I keep mine in my bag, but it contains handy spares and little extras, just in case!

- Glasses - I'm short sighted, I need to see the board. Kind of imperative. 

- Purse - I keep my uni card in here which monitors my attendane and gives me access to my uni. It's also handy to have a bit of cash for those drinks you need or little snacks.

- Phone - I never leave home without mine.


These aren't essential, but come in handy:

- Umbrella - I hate buses, especially full of teenagers, so when I lived out I walked to all my lectures, and in England, it usually rains.

Hairbrush - Windswept and interesting? Calm and collected!

Deodorant - Just in case, sometimes you don't have time to shower between a night out and 9am lecture, gross but true.

Dry Shampoo - See above.

Compeed - As I said, I used to walk to uni, around 35 mins each way, and sometimes new shoes and walking don't mix! Ask my bloodstained shoes if you don't believe me (TMI?)

Tissues - Runny noses in the middle of lectures is not good! Sniffing is also very irritating FYI!

Anti-bacterial Gel - This may just be the OCD freak in me, but some places contain grubby people!

Additional Extras

I keep these, along with my phone, in the little zip pocket of my bag:


Plaster - Ya never know.

Paracetomol - You've heard of hangovers, right?

Hair Bobbles - You don't need two sizes, but they sure come in handy!

Mints - So people will talk to you.

Vaseline - Dry lips, no thank you.

So that's the end of my first post, I hope you liked it. I've got one on hair and one on make-up coming up!

What is your must have uni bag item?

Laura xoxo


  1. Your purse is gorgeous!!! i absolutely love it :)

    is it bad that i like knowing what other people have in their bags lol? i love knowing what people carry round with them


    1. Thank you :) A friend gave it me for my birthday last year :)
      Oh no, I like knowing too haha!


  2. Mine would be so similar to this, haha! I like your little explanations :) especially for nail file, ME TOO.
    I started writing this post but didn't get round to pictures yet. Xxxx

    1. Thank you :)
      Haha, I ended up writing this in May, but had to wait for it to be more relevant haha!
      Looking forward to seeing yours :)


  3. Great post, i love your bag Ax

  4. Love this post! Although I'm not at university anymore, this makes me feel like I want to go back now! Btw, how does your uni card keep a track of your attendance? Like a swipe in and out system...? I'm being a curious George! :P


    1. Thanks :)
      Yeah, they scan the barcode after every lecture :)


  5. hello! I just found your blog and it´s great, please come visit my blog and let me know if you want us to follow each other ok!

  6. My bag would be similar to your bag! I really love seeing what's in other people their bags, is that a bad thing? haha :)

    xoxo, Laura

  7. i love how you have explained why you have things in your bag:) when i go uni i literally scurry around two mins before i have to leave and chuck a notepad in my current handbag with probably has a load of junk in from the week and just hope there is a pen in their too! your just really organised especially with the blister plasters :)

    1. Thank you :)
      Haha, maybe it is the OCD in me that has to have a seperate bag haha!
      Haha, oh my gosh, the pain of blisters, I always have either plasters or blister plasters in every bag haha!


  8. I HATE broken nails haha, there's nothing worse! I carry a nail file around with me 24/7 :) x

  9. I always love what's in my bag post. So fabulous. Amazing post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest trend report. xo

  10. thanks for this! its useful to see what other people are taking so i can tell whether or not i'm going too OTT haha x

  11. Love this post, I need to put some blister plasters in my bag too! Good idea!


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