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Sunday, 22 July 2012

What I Wore this Week

Alas, the sun has finally got his hat on, hurrah. Hope it is nice and sunny where you are and you're enjoying the sunshine. I feel like I'm writing this post very late, but I woke up later than usual today (I'm a stickler for a schedule,) and I then had to go over to my Grandmas to take her shopping.
I also apologize that there is no Friday outfit, I went out on Friday, and wore sloppy clothes in the day, but didn't have chance to photograph the outfit. It wasn't all that interesting though.

Top: George at Asda // Boots: New Look
In the day I just did some more work on my summer essay, which I am finding impossible, so annoying. I then went out for a lovely meal with me two best friends as we were finally all in the same place at the same time.

Cardigan: George at Asda // Top & Boots: New Look
I had to do my libarary volunteering on Tuesday as I couldn't do it any other day, so just put on something casual and colourful!

Top & Boots: New Look // Cardigan: Topshop
On Wednesday I went shopping with my friend, and when we got back to mine I just messed around doing her hair and make-up, 'cause we're cool like that.

Top: Forever 21 // Flip Flops: Ralph Lauren
Thursday morning was my little brothers year six leavers assembly, so I went to watch that in the morning, then I spent the rest of the day curled up in a ball on the sofa 'cause I felt really ill.

Jumper: Dorothy Perkins // Scarf: New Look // Flip Flops: Ralph Lauren
After driving back from the party I was at on Friday, I went straight to my over little brothers 4th birthday party. I had to wear something comfy enough to soothe the little hangover I had, but dressy enough to look nice.

Top: George at Asda // Flip Flops: Ralph Lauren.

Silly me forgot to write the days on the collage, my head is not with it today, there are probably loads of spelling and grammar mistakes in this too, sorry. But he order is left to right in order of days.

Hope you all have lovely weeks,

Laura xoxo


  1. Love that last summery top, so pretty :) and Tuesday's outfit is gorgeous too. Hope you are enjoying the sun at last!! Xxxx

  2. You always look gorgeous hun xx

  3. I love the jumper with the face, it's super cute! And the floral scarf is so so pretty :)

  4. Love the scarf!! Cute outfits X

  5. Really love the jumper with the face on, the summer top in the lady photo is pretty and so perfect for summer!

  6. I really love Monday's outfit! I hope you feel a bit better now after feeling a bit ill Wednesday! :)

    xoxo, Laura

  7. I love the top in Sundays picture :) x

  8. Cute outfits! I especially love the last two. They really suit you :)
    - Rhiannon

  9. I like how your outfits get summery through the week =) SO pretty!


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