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Tuesday, 28 February 2012


I've recently been trying out two new moisturisers, one for morning, one for evening. I've been using them for the past two weeks, and would now like to share them with you, (aren't I kind?)

First off, the morning one. This comes from Nivea Visage and is called Natural Beauty Radiance Boosting Moisturiser and is meant to brighten the skin, leaving it looking radiant.

This moisturiser is a light to medium one, it doesn't feel heavy on the skin, and is quite light to apply. It has tiny little shimmery particles in it, which you can't see when it is on the skin. It could be used on its own and a day you don't want to wear any foundation, however it doesn't give any coverage. I like this moisturiser, but don't think I will be re-purchasing it, mainly as I don't find it does anything for me really, but this is a perfectly ok, moistriser to use.

For night time I use a Garnier moisturiser called Garnier Skin Naturals Youthful Radiance. I've thrown the box away so not 100% what it states it will do. My guess is rejuvenate your skin overnight?

 I love using this moisturiser. It leaves a nice heavy feel on my face, but in a good way, and I kind still feel the remains of it in the morning, which I really like. It is quite a thick consistency and blends into the skin really easily. It has a lovely fresh, almost cucumbery smell, and I will definitely be re-purchasing this.

I hope you found these reviews useful. Have you tried either of these?
What day-time moisturiser would you recommend?

Laura xoxo


  1. Really like the look of the Nivea day one! x

    1. You should check it out :) Boots have a tester of it if you want to try it?


  2. Good review hun, I need to invest in a new moisturizer and the Nivea Day one looks lovely x
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    1. Thank you :)
      If you check out Boots they have a tester you can test out :)



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